Empowering Women Coaches

Embark on a transformative journey with Women’s Coaching Association (WCA), founded by Dr. Aish Ravi. Breaking barriers, uniting women and girls in coaching from every sport globally, WCA is a powerhouse of support, fostering a collective commitment to overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities. Join us in shaping the future of women’s coaching!


WCA consultants are available for consulting on issues and advice around women coaches in sport. Aish is also available to advise on the broader topic of gender equality in sport.

Designing education

WCA designs customized programs for organizations, focusing on women in sports coaching, attracting female coaches, highlighting their significance, and promoting gender equality in sports.

Public speaking

WCA consultants are available to speak at events related to women in sports or gender equality, and they are also happy to assist as MCs for various occasions.


WCA offers its availability to facilitate a variety of events and workshops that specifically focus on women in sports coaching and leadership. These sessions can be meticulously tailored to precisely align with the unique needs and requirements of organizations.

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Join the movement to support and empower more women to pursue coaching.