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Education Platform

Women’s Coaching Association Education Platform

The Women’s Coaching Association Education Platform is designed to inspire, enhance, and influence the knowledge, skills, and performance of women in coaching. We are dedicated to fostering gender equality in the coaching industry. Our coach education platform provides a secure online space for coaches to learn, share ideas, and leave feeling empowered. Investing in your coaching journey contributes to creating gender equity and a sense of belonging. Together, we can make a difference as role models in the coaching industry—one snowflake at a time.

WCA offers two forms of online education

1. Online Courses

We currently have the following online courses available;

  1. Presentation Blueprint – Deliver your Coaching message with Impact
  2. Empower Hour – Boost your Courage, enhance your Relationships and find real Purpose

2. Webinars

In the past years, WCA has ran several webinar in support of women coaching,

  1. Why Women Coaches matter and what you can do to support them. Click here to access
  2. Empower Hour with Emma Doyle. Click here to access
  3. Sports Science Myths Busted! Click here to access


Join the movement to support and empower more women to pursue coaching.