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Championing the Empowerment of Women Coaches, the Women’s Coaching Association (WCA), led by visionary founder Dr. Aish Ravi, stands as a catalyst for transformation. Uniting women and girls across all sports worldwide, WCA is a resilient force, cultivating a shared dedication to surmount challenges and embrace opportunities. Together, let’s shape a future where women’s coaching thrives!

Our story

In 2020, Aish Ravi embarked on a mission, founding the Women’s Coaching Association (WCA). Their journey began with a revelation—limited support for women coaching sports in Australia.

Driven by her vision, Aish aimed to unite women and girls in coaching, transcending sports boundaries globally. Recognizing the underrepresentation of women in coaching, Aish, now the owner and Director, took charge to bridge this gap.

“Sport mirrors society,” Aish emphasizes, acknowledging the influential role coaches play. Inspired by Nicole M. LaVoi’s words, Aish believes women bring unique skills and perspectives crucial for sports and society.

Her mission: elevate women’s coaching from grassroots to elite levels. Through the WCA platform, Aish offers expertise, leadership, and passion to drive change, fostering an inclusive coaching landscape.

Join Aish’s mission. Let’s empower women in coaching, shape inspiring role models, and redefine coaching as a vibrant and fulfilling career for generations to come. Together, we’re rewriting the narrative—one coaching journey at a time.

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