Our Cause

Our Aim and Strategy

Strategy #1

Attracting More Women Into Coaching

Igniting change, our first strategy focuses on the vital goal of drawing more women into coaching. By cultivating awareness around the significance of women coaches, we pave the way for increased media visibility, shedding light on their invaluable contributions. Our commitment extends to establishing equitable and flexible working criteria, providing a framework that empowers and supports women in the coaching arena.

We do this by

  • Creating awareness of why women coaches are important.
  • Increasing media visibility.
  • Advocating for equitable and flexible working criteria and framework
A women coach coaching young women

Strategy #2

Developing Women Coaches

Dedicated to advancing gender equality in coaching, our second strategy involves personalized assistance for women coaches, ensuring their unique needs are met. Focused education and training initiatives equip them with the skills needed for success. Additionally, our approach includes establishing robust mentorship networks and sponsorship programs, fostering a thriving community of empowered women coaches.

We do this by

  • Provising tailored support for women coaches.
  • Providing Targeted education and training.
  • Providing mentors, networks and sponsors

Strategy #3

Sustaining The Careers of Women Coaches

Nurturing the professional journey of women coaches is at the core of our third strategy. This initiative is dedicated to achieving pay equality, championing advocacy, and actively lobbying both within the sports sector and beyond. By strategically sustaining the careers of women coaches, we aim to create a dynamic and inclusive landscape that empowers and uplifts women in coaching roles.

We do this by

  • Advocating for pay equality for women coaches.
  • Advocacy for women coaches.
  • Lobbying sport and non-sport organisations
a women coach in glasses

Support us

If these values align with yours, join us in empowering more women to become coaches.

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