Our services

Our Services

Womens Coaching Association offers a range of services.


WCA Directors and Board members are available for consulting on issues and advice around women coaches in sport. Julia and Aish are also available to advise on the broader topic of gender equality in sport.

Designing educational programs

WCA is able to build and design tailored programs and/or curriculums that suit the needs of various organisations, around the topics of women in sports coaching, attracting more women to coach, why having women coaches is important or gender equality in sport more broadly.

Public speaking

WCA Directors and Board members are available to speak at events related to women in sport or gender equality.  They are also happy to assist with MC’ing events.


WCA is available to facilitate events and workshops related to women in sports coaching and leadership.  These can be tailored to meet the needs of organisations.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I request your services?

Please visit the request our services page to do that.

What sets WCA apart from other coaching associations?

While other coaching associations primarily focus on elite athletes and organizations, the Women’s Coaching Association provides support to coaches at grassroots and community levels as well as organizations.

How else can I support WCA?

There are other ways you can support the work of WCA and support women to become coaches. You can take the She Is The Coach pledge, and ….

Who is behind WCA?

WCA was foudned and is headed by Dr. Aish Ravi. To know more about Dr. Ravi’s work, please visit her personal website https://draishravi.com/

How can I support WCA?

Support WCA by becoming a member. Explore membership options on the dedicated page.